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“Real estate is in my blood. I’ve been exposed to it since I was a kid. I’ve always dabbled in it, and it’s as
close to a hobby as I have; it’s just what I do,” says real estate agent Dan Nelson. Dan’s mom has been working in the industry for about 25 years and two years ago, he decided to join her and pursue real estate full time. He’s currently partnered with his mom to help grow Team Kath at Edina Realty. A graduate of St. John’s University, Dan bought his first property right out of school. Then he spent one
year in the corporate world as a consultant before returning to his roots in real estate.


Real estate is Dan’s passion and he finds it addicting. He says, “It’s insane how passionate I am about real estate. I wake up every day craving negotiation and client interactions. There’s nothing that 
scratches that itch other than real estate.” “Although I’m young in the business, I haven’t thought about a dollar since the beginning; I’m just taking care of people, which is amazing,” explains Dan. “A lot of what I do is personal development. I want to be that person who helps others, guides them, and leads them out of their comfort zones.”

Dan has built his business on two pillars – connection and education. Connection begins by understanding who someone is and then builds from that. Education, which is equally important, involves coaching individuals and working together to ensure each client is confident with their decisions. Dan controls the process and his clients control the decisions. His responsibility is to fully educate his clients on their options, discuss the pros and cons of each, and then allow them to “call the final shot."

He is doing remarkably well in real estate. He was awarded the Chairman’s Circle for Edina Realty in
2017. Dan also ran a tech summit and recently spoke at Edina Realty’s Tech Summit on digital marketing. Dan says, “Technology is my bread and butter. Social media is where I live.” He generates most of his

business through digital marketing (which he refers to as social media). Dan’s social media consists of paid content, in addition to the organic side where he can message people on a personal level. Digital marketing is reaping rich rewards for Dan. A total of 90% of Dan’s clients have interacted with him on social media before becoming a client.Dan has some advice for up and coming real estate agents. He says, “Hard work goes a long way. It’s important to give the extra five minutes to get the deal done or take one last phone call at 11 o’clock on a Friday night instead of leaving it until Monday.”


Dan also encourages others to live up to their word.When Dan isn’t working, you can find him giving back his time to the community. Dan is on the committee for the Young Professionals Network of the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors. He also coaches youth hockey and high school golf. In his free time, he is focused on his personal development and growth. Dan is always listening to audio books or podcasts. He lives and breathes the Audible app and has a couple hundred books on there. One of his favorite books is Think and Grow Rich. It’s the foundation that gets him going.To relax and unwind, Dan does lots of yoga, which helps his mindset. “I love to be able to reset, reflect, and be grateful for where I’m going,” explains Dan, “It keeps my mind fresh and sharp.”


Dan also plays lots of golf. He says, “If I’m not working, I’m probably on a golf course.”He also likes to eat healthy and prepare his own meals. If Dan isn’t meal prepping, he’s eating Chipotle. He eats Chipotle 5-7 times a week and has the same order every time. Chipotle is fast and convenient, and provides good macros, which works well as a busy real estate agent.


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