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Winter - A Time to Sell, or a Time to Buy?

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

If you're a buyer, the question shouldn't be if you should purchase, or even when you should purchase, it should be, how soon can you purchase

Buyers, think about the following:

You can own for than less than your monthly rent payment:

  • You can buy a house in Crystal for $165,000 and your monthly payment would be $828.00

  • You can buy a house in Maple Grove for $275,000 and your monthly payment would be $1,390

  • You can buy a house in the N0komis are for $360,000 and your monthly payment would be $1,800.00

Build Equity!

  • There have been 55 months of rising value. Buy now, and continue to reap those benefits.

Interest rates are at all time lows

  • Rates are as low as 4% right now, but there are projected increases in the near future. Lock in your rate while you can.

Sellers, think about the following:

With the holidays and the cold weather, a lot of sellers are dropping out of the market. For sellers, that's a great opportunity to have less competition and be the one that the buyers are looking at.

If you're concerned about the slower winter market, or not getting the highest price, keep in mind that you will more than likely be reaping the same benefits of the low interest rates, and the nice steady market, rather than the accelerated spring market.

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